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Welcome to Hierakonpolis Online

Hierakonpolis, the City of the Hawk, ancient Egyptian Nekhen, is one of the most important archaeological sites for understanding the foundations of ancient Egyptian society.

Best known as the home of the ceremonial Palette of Narmer, one of the first political documents in history, and attributed to the first king of the First Dynasty at about 3100BC, the site contains far more.


Well before the construction of the pyramids, Hierakonpolis was one of the largest urban centers along the Nile -- a vibrant, bustling city containing many of the features that would later come to typify Dynastic Egyptian civilization. Stretching for over 3 km along the edge of the Nile flood plain, already by 3600 BC it was a city of many neighborhoods and quarters.


01HK mapOver a century of archaeological research, continuing with the present Hierakonpolis Expedition, has confirmed this vast site's central role in the transition from prehistory to history and the rise of early Egyptian civilization, as well as its ability to provide fascinating insights into all periods of Egyptian history.


As with any archaeological site, the information and research on Hierakonpolis is constantly being reviewed and updated. The pages of our website reflect our current understanding of the site and its various features. Further updates and new entries will be posted as our knowledge of the site increases.

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Hierakonpolis Study Day

Join us for a Bloomsbury Summer School on 'Unique Discoveries and New Ideas: Exciting Times at Hierakonpolis' to hear about some of the latest interpretations of some of the unique finds from the site of one of the earliest major sites in Egypt.

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A Predynastic tomb rendered in 3D

Explore Tomb 2 from the elite  Predynastic Elite cemetery of HK6, in 3D!

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