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New tomb discovered at Hierakonpolis

Read all about this year's discovery of a nearly intact tomb from the predynastic period at the site of Kom el Ahmar, ancient Hierakonpolis, which  contained some astonishing and unique finds from the tomb.
For a Press Release about the tomb's discovery near Edfu, Egypt, by the international team from the British Museum, click here.



Discovering Tutankhamun

The Griffith Institute is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and one of the scheduled events will be a major exhibition in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum in 2014. Focusing on Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, material from the Griffith Institute Archive will tell the story of this discovery, its popular appeal, and will explore how modern Egyptologists are reinterpreting the evidence. "Discovering Tutankhamun" 24th July to 26 Oct 2014 - For information visit their website.

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